Modern Concepts

in Food and Energy Production


Production and plant audits record the current status from raw material intake to final product and seek the most critical points affecting production efficiency. The client receives an executive report evaluating the findings in comparison to industry standards and naming individual solutions.

What you get:
⋅ Audit Reports
⋅ Presentation
⋅ Monitoring


Workshop style education helps developing the skills for continuous improvement and confident trouble shooting. Hands on support offers detailed understanding of raw materials, additives, hygiene, HACCP and processing details.

What you get:
⋅ Education
⋅ Hands on
⋅ Theory & practice


It is not just about the technology and the numbers. It is more about understanding the market you want to be in. Do you know the value of your products? Is your portfolio coherent with your customers’ needs? Do investors, management, research and sales speak the same language?

What you get:
⋅ Technical understanding
⋅ Portfolio and Marketing
⋅ People and Leadership