Get access to agribusiness in Germany

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Germany has 256.900 professional farms.
Most of them are high productive, financially stable family farms.

After years of talent loss more and more young people again decide to continue their parents’ faming business or seek a career in agribusiness.

Germany is a top-price territory and the cost for farm inputs are high, but that’s OK, because all players are continuously optimising their productivity. Year after year crop yields and animal performance increases and food quality improves.

Farm business in Germany is open to cutting edge technologies such as:

  • Satellite imaging software
  • Mobile lab technology for soil, feedstuffs and market crops
  • Precision dosage and monitoring tools
  • Genetically optimised crops
  • Precision fertilisers and applications
  • Precision irrigation
  • Biotechnological solutions (soil health, feed, crop preservation)
  • Market intelligence and decision making tools
  • Integrated greenhouse technology
  • On site processing
  • Waste water treatment

The market is hungry for new ideas and we sucessfully build the bridge to Germany for ag-tech companies and suppliers from all around the globe.

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